Best Soda Makers 2021

Sale# 1
SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle (Icy Blue), with CO2, BPA free Bottles, and bubly drops Flavors
  • Make fresh sparkling water at the push of a button
  • Includes: sparkling water maker, (2) 60L Co2 cylinders, (3) 1 liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottles, and (2) 40 ml bubly drops flavors
  • Energy efficient, powered by Co2 cylinder Each cylinder carbonates up to 60 liters of water
  • Easy-to-use snap-lock bottle insertion for quick carbonation
# 2
DrinkMate Sparkling Water and Soda Maker, Carbonates Any Drink, CO2 Cylinder Not Included (Matte Black)
  • The DrinkMate is the ONLY carbonation beverage maker that allows the user to carbonate ANY BEVERAGE in your fridge.
  • Patented detachable Fizz Infuser and two release buttons allow better control on release of CO2
  • Smaller footprint saves counter space; Ease of use, easy to clean - No Electricity or batteries required
  • Quick connect bottle is BPA-free with volume mark line
# 3
Soda Maker Kids
  • Features a ton of flavors including cola, cherry, blueberry, apple, cream soda, vanilla, Root Beer and more!!
  • Tons of stickers, bling, straws, and backgrounds to get creative with your fancy soda drink!
  • Drink and refill as many times as you want - no extra charge! 🙂
  • Play it over again - mix flavors, and get creative with designing your cups!
Sale# 4
Commercial Sparkling Water Maker- Soda Maker Fizzy Drink Machine Carbonator for Home, Countertop Ice Water Cooler Dispenser and Room Temperature Water Without CO2 Cylinder Black
  • [Excellent Sparkling Water Stimulating Taste] - LifePlus soda maker is committed to providing people with the most perfect taste of sparking water, 3-5℃ temperature and 6.7gr/L carbonic acid concentration, Stimulate the sensitive tongue and feel the cool, simple soda water, provide you with exquisite life experience.
  • [3-1 SODA Water Maker&Water Dispenser] - Not only a sparkling water machine, it’s also a water cooler dispenser. LifePlus sparkling water maker with 3 mode: 3-5℃ ice water, 3-5℃Sparkling Water, room temperature water. No matter what kind of water your family or customers want, this machine can meet your individual needs.
  • [Highly Efficient Compressor and Carbonator] - Powered by electricity, the carbonation machine Equipped with powerful efficient compressor and carbonator, fast heat dissipation system also cool the water to 3-5℃ and keep it. And with 1.5L stand-by water storage, you can drink the perfect soda at any time without waiting. And automatic pressure relief device can ensure that the CO2 will not be too much and ensure the safety of users.
  • [Healthy Sugar Free Life with safe material] - Want to keep healthy but want to feel the stimulation of carbonated drinks, refreshing carbonated water can satisfy you, with NO Suger, NO Add, No Fat. All of the hose are food-grade, Ensure drinking water safety. Healthy eating enthusiasts, older and child, soda maker will not increase the burden on the body, provide a healthy life.
Sale# 5
LifePlus Sparkling Water Maker Available for Personal & Commercial Use, 3-mode Water Dispenser, Untraditional Smart Electric Soda Maker for Home, Bar, Gym, Office & Restaurant (Black)
  • [Anytime you want, soda water at your front] – With medium size (17.72*14.57*6.69 inches) but slightly stronger power, this seltzer water maker can take a good job everywhere including kitchen, office, bar, restaurant and gym, whatever household or commercial use. As healthy beverage, soda water is sugar-free and additive-free, and has tremendous benefits to everyone who wants to get the feeling of satiety and take bodily acid-base balance.
  • [Three modes make a drink, free time comes with glint] – This machine is not only a carbonated beverage maker, but also fit the position of advanced water dispenser. With refrigeration compressor, the sparkling beverage system offers three kinds of soft drinks as your wish, containing cold water, soda water and room temperature water. Additional methods of application depends on your creativity, mixing carbonated water into syrup, juice or cocktail can harvest surprising flavors.
  • [Automatic, felicific] – This smart seltzer maker has excellent operating system. by tapping once on touch panel ,you can enjoy the flowing soda stream, and by tapping once again the soda machine turns to stand-by mode. During the stand-by mode, the built-in carbonator of this machine continuously transforms water into soda, and stores 1.5L sparkling beverage inside tank with 3-5℃. Moreover, this machine offers a indicator for you to know the temperature of soda water currently.
  • [Component with high quality, let your enjoyment safety] – The important parts of soda carbonator reach the standard of food-grade including stainless steel built-in carbonator, tank and two inlet hoses. In company with the refrigeration compressor which adopting high-class technology, the carbonator efficiently and safely transforms 4 liters water into soda per hour. Anytime the pressure exceed the alert line, the sparkling beverage maker will release the pressure by its safety valve.
# 6
Fizzpod Soda Maker With Two CO2 Cylinders. Fizzy Sparkling Water Machine 3 Bottles(1L), Make Homemade Sparkle Water, Juice, Coffee, Tea and Cocktail Drinks with Fruit (Silver)
  • 🥤 MAKE EXCITING REFRESHMENTS - Enjoy healthy fizzy beverages at the comfort of your home. Start creating crafty and delicious sparkling water, juices, cocktails, wine or just re-fizz that flat beer.
  • 🥤 CREATE FUN & TASTY DRINKS- This tool is not only a sparkling water maker. Featuring patented technology, the FIZZpod soda make uses a 2-step gas relief and split injection pipe that makes it possible to use it for any beverage--you can even add fruits!
  • 🥤 INCLUDES TWO 60L CO2 CYLINDER: The FIZZPod includes TWO CO2 cylinder to start creating your first sparkled water drink right away! The FIZZPod soda maker includes 1 Carbonator, 2 CO2 Cylinder (60L), 3 PET Bottles, 3 Caps, 1 Fizz Infuser and a manual.
  • 🥤 MODERN SODA MAKER - Lightweight and convenient, this soda maker is a delightful piece to have. The carbonator’s Cylinder Screw also allows you to attach and take off the bottle without hassle
# 7
SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle (Black), with CO2, BPA free Bottles, and 0 Calorie Fruit Drops Flavors
  • Make fresh sparkling water at the push of a button.
  • Includes: sparkling water maker, (2) 60L Co2 cylinders, (3) 1 liter BPA-free reusable carbonating bottles, and (2) 40 ml zero calorie fruit drops of Lime & Orange.
  • Energy efficient, powered by Co2 cylinder. Each cylinder carbonates up to 60 liters of water.
  • Easy-to-use snap-lock bottle insertion for quick carbonation.
# 8
LANGSHI 1L Home Soda Water Siphon Aluminium Soda Sparkling Water Maker Fizzy Soda Machine
  • 🍋🍹BEAUTIFUL FUNCTIONAL DESIGN - This soda syphon is made from aluminum and features a sleek, attractive design that makes it a great addition to any bar or kitchen. Design includes a durable pressure regulator and a lid with safe, secure threading for no drips!
  • 🍋🍹CARBONATOR - Tired of being out of soda when you want it? With this easy to use soda maker you can now make your own sparkling water at home. Just attach a standard CO2 charger (not included). You'll be surprised at how easy it is to make seltzer water.
  • 🍋🍹SAVE MONEY - Avoid buying expensive soda water at the store, which may also contain harmful additives, by creating your own at home. With this carbonator, you'll be amazed at how easy - and fun - it is to do!
  • 🍋🍹CREATE CUSTOM DRINKS - This soda dispenser allows you to make seltzer water from your own tap or bottled water, which will also allow you to ensure there are no harmful additives in your water. Once done, simply add a slice of fruit - such as orange, lemon or lime - to make the perfect healthy, tasty beverage!
# 9
CO-Z Desktop Sparkling Water Maker Black, 1 Liter Homemade Soda Pop Maker Machine, 1.75 Pint Seltzer Water Fizzy Drink and Soda Machine for Home, Carbonated Soda Maker, 60L CO2 Cylinders Not Included
  • ALL PURPOSE SOLUTION: Enjoy lower prices, custom flavors, and better health with this 1.7-pint CO-Z countertop carbonator! Create your own homemade colas and sparkling juices, wines, teas, and cocktails without any of the chemicals, preservatives, or trash that come along with industrially-produced beverages. 60L CO2 cylinders NOT INCLUDED.
  • EASY OPERATION: Nothing could be simpler. Lock in the water bottle and your CO2 canister (not incl.), press the button, and you're good to go. One canister will produce nearly 16 gallons of fizzy goodness.
  • PRECISE CONTROL: With each press, your desktop soda machine releases and evenly mixes the carbon dioxide into your water. Add as much or as little as you like, using the clearly labeled fill lines and pressure release scale.
  • SAFE & STABLE: No electricity is needed, and custom-fit grooves and brackets lock everything in place while the pressurized CO2 is quickly released into your custom concoctions.
Sale# 10
AirSoda Carbonator,Soda Maker,Sparkling water Maker,without 60 L Co2 Exchange Cylinder,With 900ml PET Bottle (Miami Blue)
  • ✨AirSoda - Carbonator Sparkling water maker is the latest model, the world's exclusive mould, streamline design, designed for North America and European countries, enhance the stability of soda maker, you can put it anywhere
  • ✨AirSoda - Carbonator adopts the latest automatic pressure relief design, and automatically relieves the pressure after pressing the key, so as to ensure that the pressure in the bottle is balanced when you open the bottle. It is safe and innovative, and can be used safely
  • ✨Carbonated drinks have changed from simple drinking water to sanitation, health, microelements, etc., but we can do more than that. We can make sparkling water, juices, wine, cocktail, and even flat soda or beer and enjoy everything by pressing the button.
  • ✨A kind of Promote environmental protection, airsoda provides you with food grade PET cylinders with a capacity of 900ml. Soda maker does not need electricity. You can take it anywhere to make bubble drinks with your friends or family

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